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• To inspire busy professionals to protect their most precious asset—their health! After all, "the first wealth is health." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

• To help doctors thrive personally, professionally, and financially in era of the Affordable Care Act by helping them improve the health and longevity of their patients and their practice's bottom line.

• To build an elite team of like-minded entrepreneurs and support them at every step in their own personal and professional development towards becoming recognized sales leaders as they, too, build their own team of sales professionals.


In the era of the Affordable Care Act (aka "ObamaCare"), physician burnout has reached epidemic proportions, with 46% of all physicians reporting burnout in the Medscape Physician Lifestyle Report 2015 from a survey of nearly 20,000 US physicians across 25 medical specialties.  Heavy patient loads, smaller staffs, increasing regulations, lower reimbursements, and higher stress levels are causing burnout among physicians.  This has significant implications on physician professionalism, organizational effectiveness and patient care outcomes.  (INFOGRAPHIC:  Physician Burnout in 2015: A Deeper Look at a Serious Problem)

According to the 2014 Survey of America's Physicians: Practice Patterns & Perspectives by the Physicians Foundation, which surveyed over 20,000 physicians, 50% would not recommend medicine as a career; only 35% are in independent private practice (down from 49% in 2012, and 62% in 2008); and 39% will accelerate their retirement plans.  (INFOGRAPHIC: A Potrait of Today's Physician)

At this rate, according to the Physician Supply and Demand Through 2025: Key Findings by the Association of the American Medical Colleges, by 2025, demand for physicians will exceed supply by a range of 46,000 to 90,000.


As federal and commercial reimbursement rates continue to decrease, yet overhead continues to increase, and doctors are forced to shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement, doctors are smart to be proactive about finding new revenue sources and economies of scale.  With the Affordable Care Act's emphasis on wellness and preventive care, there is a growing trend for physicians interested in nutrition and weight management to incorporate these evidence-based approaches into their practice.

The Pharmanex S3 BioPhotonic Scanner Program and ageLOC® TR90™ Weight Management Program are 2 such viable options that will attract referrals, increase retention, and reactivate existing patients. Either program will add $30,000 to $200,000 to a practice's bottom line, with a 5-10X return on investment in the first year alone! Many doctors who have integrated these programs into their practices have even opted to use it as their exit strategy. Hear their testimonials:  YouTube and/or SoundCloud

My elite team of medical, sales, marketing and business professionals and I help doctors and health care professionals with every step of the way, and do so quickly and without a large start-up investment. We assist with them with the business plan, start-up budget, training, marketing strategy development, brand marketing, writing and editing copy, client development, and closing deals.

You can discover more about the Anti-Aging and Wellness Industry and why it is becoming the next trillion-dollar industry from the article "The Wellness Revolution: One of the most lucrative ļ¬nancial opportunities is yours for the taking. Discover why wellness is a $500 billion industry." by Paul Zane Pilzer, world-renowned Nobel Prize-winning economist, New York Times Best Selling Author, multi-millionaire entrepreneur, college professor, and economic advisor to two U.S. presidents.

"The # 1 commodity in the world today is supplemental income.  Ninety-nine percent (99%) of the world is looking for a way to increase their income, improve their financial situation, create more time, freedom and better their lifestyle.  If you want to make a fortune, figure out how to give that to the world!"


I graduated from U.T. Southwestern Medical School at Dallas, and completed my residency training in Internal Medicine at Cabrini Hospital Medical Center in NYC.  I then went on to practice Emergency Medicine in NYC for more than a decade.

As a result of an life-altering accident and subsequent rehabilitation, I experienced a dramatic paradigm shift and was inspired to study Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica.  Additional training includes certification in Medical Acupuncture for Physicians by the Helms' Medical Institute/UCLA School of Medicine; Acupuncture Orthopedics by Lerner Education at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; Advanced Chinese Medical Gynecology by the Blue Poppy Institute; and Medical Aesthetics by the Esthetic Skin Institute.

Prior to joining Nu Skin Enterprises as a medical liaison, I practiced Integrative Medicine in Rancho Mirage, California, with an emphasis on anti-aging and longevity.  Then, like thousands of other doctors in private practice, I was negatively impacted financially by the lower rates of reimbursement from both Medicare and the private insurers, which was further compounded by the fact that neither would pay for most of my alternative and complementary treatments. Confronted with an ever worsening recession, I was finally forced to close my private practice.  But when one door closes, another opens!

Now I'm free to focus on what's really most important and fulfilling to me—in addition to achieving my mission statement, I can help people look, feel and live younger, longer.  I can do this because as a leader in the Anti-Aging and Wellness Industry, Nu Skin's innovative products offer exclusive benefits that can be demonstrated.

Since it was first founded 30 years ago, Nu Skin has remained true to its core values of creating products that feature only top-quality, wholesome ingredients that provide the best results for its customers.  But of equal importance, Nu Skin makes pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals that I can not only trust to be both safe and efficacious, but can also feel completely confident in using myself and in recommending to others.

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